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Lessons Learned in Our Makerspace

Many schools are being tasked with creating a makerspace. so you have bought the equipment, now what? Learn the top 10 most valuable lessons my students and I have learned throughout our process. The session will include a Q & A with a number of the students who have built our program.

You can access the presentation slides here or read more about our club by visiting our blog, Tales of a 3D Printer, or following us on social media @bpcmakerclub

Short list:

  1. Extra-curricular club (guinea pigs)

  2. Plenty of low tech

  3. Bins of creative genius

  4. Pail of Fail

  5. Leave room for the kids

  6. It’s not the tool, it’s the mindset

  7. Know what you can run on Chromebooks (and get a few PCs)

  8. “Learn from one, teach one”

  9. Decentralize leadership

  10. Bring kids everywhere

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